Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Today:
Highlights of the End of the School Year

1)  The 2nd grade water party (I already posted about it but it was THAT awesome!)
2)  Cassidy getting an A on her Country Report (Japan)
3)  The 6th grade (Cassidy's class only) Awards ceremony and potluck at the water park.
4)  Cassidy's teacher this year was phenomenal!  I will be requesting her for Abby for 6th grade.
5)  The 6th grade vs. Teachers Kickball game on the last day of school.  The whole school went out to watch (it's tradition) and when I saw Cassidy's teacher right before the big game she had: her hair up in pig-tail-buns, shorts, knee high socks, a jersey with her name on it (the teachers have matching jerseys with their names - the 6th graders didn't) and she had black stuff smudged under her eyes.  When I saw her she said, "do you see this face?  It means....WAR!"  Alrighty then.
6)  The 6th Grade High 5's after the kickball game.  They start in the front of the school go all around up and down the halls high fiveing every teacher and student as a BIG Goodbye Send-off to Jr. High.  I have to admit, I got a little chocked up. 
7)  Amberly's tender hearted Teacher who loves those kids as much as her own.  The very last day it was a bawl fest in her classroom.  The 2nd graders were bawling, the teacher was bawling, the parents were bawling.  Amberly was sad for the rest of the day knowing she won't have her again.  And so was I...Sniff
8)  The girls wear t-shirts to school the last few days of school to have the kids/teachers sign.  Then they use that t-shirt as P.J's the rest of the year.  This year they had matching red ones.  They looked adorable.
9)  When I stopped in to Amberly's class to drop something off on the very last day all the kids were signing away with the teacher on her piano.  Pure bliss and precious memories.
10)  Seeing my kids faces at the end of the last day.  Cassidy with a HUGE smile on her face because a new chapter is about to unfold and Amberly with red puffy eyes from crying because sometimes ending one chapter to start another is hard.


Crissybug said...

Did Amberly have Mrs. 'W'? Caden will be going into 2nd grade next year, and I am hoping that he gets her. I hear she is super fabulous.

Sound like the end of the year was a blast!

Crazymamaof6 said...

Sounds like the perfect ending. How awesome they. Had matching jerseys! Our 6th grade played the teachers in volleyball.