Monday, May 23, 2011

Water Day!

This morning I went to help at the school in Amberly's class (as usual on Monday mornings).  I typed up a letter, ran copies, got artwork ready to be laminated, took the kids to music, picked up the kids from music and helped get ready for the end of the year water party.  Now this isn't some boring ol' "let's play in some water party" this was top notch I tell ya.  I wasn't going to stay but some of the other Mom's talked me into it and I couldn't resist seeing how excited the kids were to get out there and get wet.

The day's activities were:
Lunch in the Classroom - hotdogs, chips, carrots, water bottles and rice crispy treats.

Water Kickball - each base was a kiddie pool filled with water and home base was a slip n' slide.
Man did the kids have a blast with that!

Water Relay Races - 3 buckets for each team that they had to do all sorts of different things while taking turns and of course...getting wet.

Bubbles and Slippery Slides - We put the hose on the curly slide on the playground and poured dish soap on the slide to make a slippery, foamy, fast slide.  At one point our awesome teacher climbed up to fix the hose and the kids were chanting her name so she dramatically slid down the slide and splashed in the pool at the bottom getting completely wet and about an amazing teacher!!!

Throw Wet Soggy Balls at Each Other Out of a Feed Trough - because the real name of this game is not politically correct anymore and if I wrote it on the blog I might get hate mail (lets just say it's called Smear the........) and call it good.  The kids had a blast getting those balls dripping wet and then pummeling eachother as hard and fast as they could!

Snow cones - this caused me grief and made me realize that I am not meant to be a teacher for any length of time.  I have a very hard time with greed, obnoxious behavior, disobedience, rudeness and complete lack of respect.  Why is it when you put a limit on something (in this case extra snow cone syrup and ice) it makes it more desirable?  Man, I had to take all the snow cone stuff away and go inside to calm down.  We were being completely taken over by greedy little monsters and I was about to lose it!  If Amberly's teacher had seen how those kids were acting I'm sure the whole water party would have come to a complete halt!

It was hot today (98ish) and we were outside.  However, with all the water, games and fun it was worth every minute!  The kids had the time of their life and I'm so thankful to have such an amazing teacher for Amberly and a wonderful school that lets the kids have rewards and fun for meeting their goals (in this case it was a reading goal). 

Now to get ready for summer around here.  Wonder if I can plan a fun water party for the cousins or neighbors or something.  Hmmmmmmm.........

p.s. sorry for no pictures.....still having computer issues.

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Lauralee said...

how fun! my kids would love all that water! It barely hit 70 degrees here the other day, first time in like 6 months they say.... the nice warm sunshine sounds wonderful to me!
oh kids and snow cones, that is a bummer!