Monday, June 20, 2011

40 Before 40 - My Hike

I have been working on my 40 before 40 list and it's been FUN!
  I realized that having this list is making me excited to turn 40 instead of dreading it. 

Now this is my first hike ever.  I mean....ever in my life.  I know, I'm pathetic but that's what happens when you are plagued with a debilitating disease for most of your life.  Anywhoo..... We decided to tackle a mountin right here in town that's not too hard but hard enough to count as a real hike.  I was nervous but my girls were beyond excited which helped me overcome my fears and but my game face on.

I have to tell you, when we got to the mountain and I saw all the people going up and coming down (it's quite a busy place!) I felt a little better.  I thought if that Grandma can do it then by-gum so can I!  So up we went.  Tom and the girls were so patient with me.  They kept asking if I was alright, do we need to slow down, you can do it Mom!  I have the best family♥
My hesitation wasn't going was coming down.  I can go up stairs with little effort, it's my knees that don't like to come down for some reason.  I have mastered going downstairs backwards.  I can go really fast even without looking.  Most people are shocked when they see me and think a) I'm crazy b) I'm showing off or c) they are very impressed!  I didn't think going down a mountain backwards would work very well.

When we got up about a third of the way I wasn't tired, was actually having a great time and I was pretty impressed with myself.  Then I looked down.............oh boy, I should not have done that.  I thought, "how am I going to get down?"  I got a pit in my stomach.  All these people were coming up and running down and I thought..."I'm going to make a fool of myself hobbling down this darned mountain!"  So I sat down on a rock and made the decision to turn around and head down.  My sweet family was very supportive and even though they have hiked the mountain several times (all three of them) they turned around and came down with me.

Guess what?  Coming down that mountain wasn't hard at all!  I did it and shouldn't have been worried!  I think I didn't give myself enough credit.  Of course I could have hiked all the way to the top and then turned around and came right back down.  Don't worry, I'm not disappointed in fact I'm more motivated now than I was before the hike to do it again. 

I realized that I can do more than I think and I just need faith in myself and a little nudge from my ever encouraging sweet family♥

Seriously.....I am so proud of myself!  Not only did I hike a mountain and not have to be airvaced out....but I didn't hurt after either.  What a blessing.  It looks like turning 40 is going to be pretty awesome!

This is a little fellow we saw on our hike...and yes - it looks huge and it was HUGE!


Mardi said...

That is awesome! Hopefully you can do it again soon.

Jenifer said...

you go girl! Now when are we going rock climbing????

onehm said...

You are AMAZING!! I missed you at I won't see you until August!
Maybe we need to plan a get together for our girls...and us of course!

*katie said...

Way to go Cara, that's awesome! And my gosh, that little friend you found gives me the heeby jeebies!

AZ Smurfette said...

SO proud of you!!! YOU ROCK!

Cindy Reed said...

You rock, girl! Of course you can do it!! I'm soo impressed by all of the things you do (and have already accomplished) in life!! You inspire me! Love ya, Cara Sue!!

Cindy Reed said...

PS -- What's on your 40 before 40 list??

Cindy Reed said...
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Lisa said...

Way to go! I've never seen you go down stairs backwards, now I must ;) That lizard is cool and gross. In all my AZ years I never saw such a beast! Neat.