Friday, July 29, 2011

Insta Friday Pics

I am loving the idea of posting your phone pics.  They would be lost in phone land forever because I would never remember to post them and to be honest the pictures in my phone are the real-life pictures that happen without planning.  Love them!  So if you want to join along go HERE to Life Rearranged and link up.  It's fun...I promise♥

 My girls love to sit on the bikes in front of Red Robin.  
We don't go there often but when we do it's a picture moment.

Cassidy is my pickiest eater.  She only likes "hot food".  I made a rule this summer that we would only eat out once a week.  It has proved quite helpful in getting Cassidy to find things she likes here at the house or to be creative.  This is what she made today: grilled cheese, tomato soup with a garnish of spinach and cheese and a fruit cup!  Go Cassidy!

My nephew Jordan is going to be tall.  I mean really tall.  
He's 13 and he is already 6 ft and just look at that hand!

Miss Abby loves to bake and is a master at making mini muffins in our babycakes maker they got for Christmas.

Miss Abby just had to have her picture taken with Justin Bieber at Dillards.  
She definatly has "Bieber fever"!

Please help me...these are back in style!
For Big people mind you.........this was at Forever 21.
How about a pair of these to go with the onesie above?

Each week we have "cousin swim day" on two different days ( two set's of cousins)  
This picture is of the kids getting some treats for cousin London and Royce's birthday.


Kennagurl said...

The body suit !! I love it ! I wore one to the first day of 7th grade !! Looks like a fun week :)

Matt said...

Love it!

Jeannett said...

love your daughter's face at the spiky shoes! so funny! thanks for linking up!

Stephanie said...

The 80's look is back with a vengeance! I blogged about it last week when my daughter came home with a dress from F21 that totally looked like a sweater Dr. Huxtable wore on the Cosby Show! Lol

classic • casual • home said...

cute cute CUTE!!!