Friday, July 8, 2011

CTA Summer Kids Camp

This summer Cassidy, Amberly and their friend Tatum did a two day Summer Kids Camp.  
They planned it, shopped for it (using their own money), sent out flyers, 
called the families to follow up and had so much fun! 
Let's not forget to mention that the also made some money (wink)

 These two girls were so excited to play with these kids!
 Amberly was in charge of storytime.  
She did an excellent job and the kids loved "One Monster After Another"
They colored the "longest picture in the world" like on the movie "Ramona and Beezus"
 Cassidy and Tatum did the little girls hair.  
There was one little boy that day so he got to watch a dinosaur movie while the beauty parlor was in session.
 They played with play-dough with beautiful hair-do's
This was by far the activity that held the kids attention the longest.  
I have to is pretty fun - even for me!

They had water games.  As you can see - Bryce the only boy was in girl heaven and!!!
 We traced each child and made a life sized drawing of them to color.  I had gotten this roll of butcher paper from the Christmas party last year and hadn't used it.  If you need something fun for your kids to do...get butcher paper...there are endless ideas that come from a large sheet of white paper!
Indi is a budding artist for sure!
The little kids had so much fun for two whole days and at the end the girls made $133 and Cassidy has had three babysitting offers.  She's been booked up since♥

My favorite quote from all this was Cassidy saying
"Mom now I know why you get so tired!"
HAHA!  Oh yes dear..taking care of kids is HARD work!

I have to say how proud I was of Cassidy.  She took full control over this project and did a fantastic job.  I am so impressed with how she handled a large bunch of children, stayed calm and never got frustrated with any of them. She hates to talk on the phone but called each family to follow up and even rode around the neighborhood in the hot weather delivering flyers to each family.  She even used this experience to count toward her 10 hour project for Young Women.  It makes me so happy to see her grow and blossom into such an amazing young lady!


Lauralee said...

awesome! I want my girls to do something like this! I would love details! like how many days and hours per day? Pretty please!

Lisa said...

WOW! That's a lot of planning for young girls way to go Cassidy!

robin said...

that is really awesome! what a sweet girl...