Monday, July 11, 2011

CTA Update

Questions about the CTA Summer Kids Camp:
(in regards to Friday's post HERE)

1.  The girls did the camp for two days (Tuesday and Wednesday)
2.  It was from 11am-4pm
This is too long for the kids and the CTA Staff.  I think next time it should be 3-4 days @ 2 hours each day.  This would be better for everyone all around.  Since we had a wide age span - 2yrs - 10yrs it was hard to keep the little's happy while the biggies played and vise-versa.
3.  They charged $2 per child per hour.  
This included snacks, rewards/prizes and project supplies.
4.  They had each child bring a swim suit and a sack lunch.  
We didn't go swimming (too much liabilty) but they did have fun outside with water games and the trampoline.
5.  If your girls are working on a goal for Girl Scouts, Church/Young Women, 
school, whatever this is the perfect thing for them to do.  
You as a Mom are there to watch over, yet they are in charge and get comfortable with tending children and being responsible.  
6.  It's a wonderful oportunity to spend some time teaching your girls about being a Mom and running a house without them even knowing what you are up too!  This I have to say was a wonderful experience for my girls and for me as a Mom.  I loved it!

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Lauralee said...

thank you! I showed that last post to my girls, hoping they would be inspired... Ems, my 13 year old says, "yes, but they are older" (meaning your girls..) I don't think they are older...
so thanks for the details... I am hopeful they will try it out! What does CTA stand for? :)