Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Deep Thoughts on Prayer

I saw this today and L.O.V.E.D. it!
At the dinner table before we said prayer I told the girls about it.
They gave me a confused look so I said:
"What if tomorrow you woke up and you had no house, 
clothes, family, pool because you didn't include those things in your prayers today?"
They got very quiet while they thought about such a deep thought.  
We then had a nice discussion about how we need to be more grateful for the things we do have and make sure our Father in heaven knows how blessed we truly feel for all we have.
Cassidy offered to say the prayer before we ate.  
She did a fantastic job at expressing her gratitude and
 I think we will have some very heartfelt prayers from now on.

P.S. It's my Mom's birthday today so we prayed for her too!
Miss you Mom ♥xo♥

You can buy the print HERE from Etsy.

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Judy @ Considering the Options said...

I absolutely love this! What a great reminder to us. Thanks for sharing!