Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Must For A Summer Swim

Last week the girls and I took a trip to our local CVS (corner drug store).  I had to pick up a prescription and the girls looked for a "prize".  They think every time we go to a store they deserve a "prize".  Pah-leeze.  I normally say no but....they brought their own money so I had no say at all.  I think they picked my favorite kind of "prize" which equals= practical, useful and can be used more than a few times while being a good bargain.

Here's what they chose:

New Goggles!  Not just regular goggles but scuba goggles.  My girls live in the pool all summer and for them goggles are a must to save their eyes from the chlorine.  Once they figured out how to get them on and keep the water out they were happy little mermaids. 

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