Monday, July 18, 2011

Rose Bowl Flea Market - 40 before 40

One of the things on my 40 before 40 list was to go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  I have been hearing and reading about this flea market for years!  Since I am a girl with a love for vintage, shabby and white decor this was the place for me!  And it did not disappoint!
The Flea Market is ever 2nd Sunday of the month.  If you go in July (like we did) make sure you take a hat, your own bottled water and snacks.  A bottle of water was $3 for a small (very, very small) and $5 for a large.  The only food they had was sparse and included hot dogs, frozen lemonade, and I saw one pretzel vendor - yuck.
(vintage 50's table cloth made into a darling pillow & french linen pillows)

If you are going for the vintage and antique items they are in their own section off to the side so be sure and ask which way to go.  We saw them when we were coming in so it wasn't hard to find.  Everyone was so friendly and helpful and pleasant to talk to.  You could tell they love selling their wares and we sure enjoyed poking around their booths.  No one minded that I took pictures and even encouraged it when I told them it was for my blog.
 (end tables and coffee tables & beautiful ornate frames)

You need to bring cash - it is all they accept.  No cash, no service.  The sun was hot and I noticed that once a piece was sold the vendor would cover the piece with a blanket to protect it or if they had a large truck would move the piece into the truck or shade.  You could take the piece right then or if it was too large and you wanted to continue to shop you could come back later and most vendors would help you carry it out to the loading area.  It was a very easy process.  The rest of the flea market that wrapped around the "bowl" was filled with artisans selling homemade items, hats, lotions and potions, jewelery, hair accessory items, among other things normally sold at flea markets.
(A whole booth of my favorite kind of furniture! & 
the most beautiful ornate armoire I have ever seen!)

We brought my friend Chelsa's Volvo for the sole purpose of making it impossible to bring anything large home. (like that armoire above) My main reason for coming to the flea market was to see and enjoy not spend money and cram more furniture into my houseIf you knew my husband you would know that I am not allowed to bring any more furniture into this house.  That's the standard rule.  So I look, take pictures and enjoy things that way.  Believe me - it saves a lot of money haha.
(Laundry basket- like Mrs. Meers)

I saw people pushing these laundry baskets around and was dying!  Can you just see this in your laundry room?  It's a whole lot of laundry basket love!  My girls could push this around the house gathering laundry up making laundry fun! But alas, I have no room at home for it nor did I have room in the car.  Here's the kicker....the guy was selling them for $60.  When we were looking at them we noticed that they had my last name printed on the side of each one.  MY LAST NAME!  It was meant to be!  We told the guy and he said, "for you I'll give it to you for $40."  I'm sure I could have talked him even lower but there was just no room to put it.  (I have very good buying restraint)

We saw a ton of mouth watering vintage items and we also saw a few questionable items like:
Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear
What in the world?
A Christmas tree on blue velvet made entirely of old jewelry.  
Gosh...I just don't know how I walked away from this!
And the best thing we saw on our whole trip.....a box of used dentures and real teeth! 
On the box it said," offers over $500- considered.  Please ask permission to look.
Ummm.......I don't know about you but this is the.most.disgusting.thing.EVER!

I think this wraps up my two day trip to L.A.  I think it took more days to post about the trip than I was actually gone haha.  I had so much fun and will be going back!

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Christi said...

You know what's funny... my grandmother had a christmas tree made out of jewelry like that! As a kid I thought it was the most magical thing ever! I've been considering making one for a few years now, for nostalgia sake, but I can never get around to collecting that much costume jewelry!