Tuesday, September 13, 2011

12 On The 12th September

1.  Abby, Whitney, Cassidy & Megan doing a late night facial out on the trampoline.
2.  The September Visiting Teaching message in handout form.
3.  Homemade pizza that wasn't very good.  Somehow I have lost my pizza making touch.
4.  I hosted Bunko this month and these are some of the prizes.
5.  This cheese is NOT GOOD!  Seriously, not good at all.
6.  These cupcakes ARE GOOD!  Seriously, so dang good! Chocolate cake with a reeses inside and homemade peanut butter frosting.
7.  We had to set up a separate table just for Cassidy's homework.  She has so much it's ridiculous!
8.  Craft night - bats, owls, 4th of July stuff.  Whats more fun than painting and eating cupcakes?
9.  We are trying to make AZ weather turn cooler by wearing our hats.  It didn't work...it's still one hundred and seventy degrees hot around here. (that's a little of an exaggeration but not by much)
10. Tom had to make a Poop Tube for Wood-badge.  What scouters will do to save the environment.  We had a good laugh about it.
11.  Our September mantle.
12.  Dixie the cutie.

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