Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Out of the bloffice...

I have not had an ounce of energy or time for that matter to blog.  Things are crazy around here:
For one..I'm to busy to even write this from anything but my phone! Then there's.....
1.  Shadow a student day at the Jr. High (which I loved btw)
2.  A funeral
3.  Getting 437 things ready for our big craft day at church...there sure is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes so all the ladies can have fun being crafty!
4.  School projects -2 very time consuming ones.
5.  Homework, voice lessons, piano lessons, carpool, gymnastics
6.  Wood Badge, Scout outings and mutual (church youth group) for the hubs
7.  Putting on a wedding reception with 2 days notice...which beats our 7 day notice wedding reception.
8.  And that's just this week!  The icing on the cake? Week 3 of being sick.  I just can't shake this cold, cough, fever I've got.  I may have to find time to got to urgent care tomorrow.
Ok I'm done whining.  I know every Mom/wife/woman has 100 things on their plate at all times so its not fair for me to complain.  Its just that sometimes it feels more overwhelming than others.  
That reminds me...when I feel better I want to go see that new Sarah Jessica Parker movie "How Does She Do It".  I'm sure it will make me feel better.


Crazymamaof6 said...

OH! bummer you've been sick! i have to say since my thyroid came out, i'm more prone to catching EVERYTHING! and having it last longer and hitting me harder. SUCKS!
it's probably the same for you. dislike.

LOVED THE POST OF BOB and Abby. he's on my mantle. i need to really decorate. you rocked bunko.

hope you feel better soon and holy crud, i'm wondering HOW DO YOU DO IT?!

i read the book. years ago. the movie will be interesting to say the least.

feel better.

Michelle said...

Grab a Verve! and get yourself to the doctor stat! Go see "How Does She Do It", and for heaven sakes turn off your cell phone! Feel better soon.

Lauralee said...

Being sick makes EVERYTHING hard to do, and with that list... I bet you are worn out! Hope you make it in to see a Dr. and start feeling better! Good luck with everything!
Is the movie about you? :)
Hang in there!

Becca said...

You have way more on your plate than I do that's for sure. Being sick makes it worse. Hope you're feeling better soon. I need to start blogging from my phone, maybe I'll do it more.