Monday, September 26, 2011

Budding Artist

Cassidy's two loves in life are singing and art.  She was in her art class at school and her teacher had started to make this crayon project.  Cass was so excited to try it she made me take her to Joann's that night so she could buy some canvas and crayons - with her very own money!  She would not tell me what the project was even though I questioned her and tried to help her find the best supplies.  This is hard without any knowledge of what it's going to be used for. 
 She put the crayons in her own rainbow order.
 She hot glued the crayons onto the canvas in a straight line across the top.
 This took awhile but she was very focused on her project.
She's such a cutie!

The crayons are almost all glued on.   
Then the excitement will begin.
 She is so excited to see if it will work!  Truthfully so are we!
She started blowing hot air onto the crayons with her blow dryer 
but it just wasn't getting hot enough.
 So we went and got my blow dryer and it started to work instantly! 
It was so fun to see those crayons start to melt and run together onto the canvas.

The whole project start to finnish took about an hour.  It was the perfect Sunday family activity.  Cassidy was the artist while we sat and watched her in awe.  We didn't care that we weren't involved because it was so fun to sit around Cassidy and watch her work. 
She was so excited and felt so proud of herself and so were we.
 Here it is all finished.  So cool!  We have it hanging on her wall in her room.  
It's quite a showstopper in person.  We did this in the family room on newspapers 
because it was too hot outside.  But if you can I would recommend doing this 
project outside just in case melted wax escapes the newspaper.
Our proud artist. 

Two more pictures - I know this is a long post but since I'm being a proud Mama 
I thought I'd share:
 She had another canvas that she was going to make into crayon art to give away but changed her mind and drew this owl.  Isn't it so cute?!  I love the glasses and the long lashes.  Do owls have lashes?  I don't know but they sure are darling.

Done any fun art projects lately?


Stephanie said...

Oh Wow! I love this! Am definitely gonna try it!
And my middle daughter (whose 20 now) has always drawn eyelashes on everything! When I would visit her classroom for open house, I never had to look for her name...just eyelashes :) Your daughter is beautiful and quite the artist:) Thanks for sharing!

Emily Wilson said...

LOVE the crayon project, that's so cool. I am thinking my son would love this project, but maybe use neutrals and take the paper covering off the crayons for him. However, then the wax would melt everywhere, huh? Probably should stick to the paper.

Lisa said...

So cool! She did so great on the owl - lovin the lashes!

Jenifer said...

I couldn't take my eyes off the owl tonight, didn't realize it was hers! So talented! The crayon thing is so cool, my kids want to make one!

onehm said...

FABULOUS! Way to go, Cass!

Shelly said...

I love this idea! I want to do that with my little ones when they get a little bigger!

Lauralee said...

awesome crayon art! Love it! the owl is awesome!

Lori ~ LL-K said...

WOW!! I love it!!!! LOVE IT!! lOVE it!! I might have to copy that!
She is amazing!! ~ like her moma!