Thursday, September 22, 2011

Working Out

I went and worked out today.  I have issues with working out.  I like it for the skinny factor but I don't like having my muscles hurt along with my already hurting joints. It's a vicious cycle and a life long challenge for this girl.  I need to do it though...mind over matter I keep telling myself.  I'm not getting younger and one of the things on my 40 before 40 list is "learn to like working out".  Notice I didn't say "love".  I don't think I will ever love to workout but I am trying to like it.

Since I had my thyroid out from thyroid cancer a few years ago (has it realy been a few years?) I have noticed a change in my body.  Good and bad things have happened.

Good things: I sleep better, my arthritis is so much better (such a blessing), I have more energy.

Bad things:  I lose a lot of hair-like a lot-a lot, I can't sing anymore (ask my poor family-I still sing but it's bad), my body is changing shape but the scale stays the same (that's probably age), I have a scar, I had to add another pill to my already large number of pills I take on a daily basis. 

Is this so horrible....Nope!  Would I change anything...Nope!  This is who I am and these physical things are just a way to teach me a lesson.  And that lesson happens to be...."to like working out".  (GAG!)

Hopefully I can someday look like this girl:

But right now I look more like this:


Michelle said...

Good for you! Does walking the dog count? How about walking to the mail box? No?

Erin said...

You can do it...totally!!! It hurts for the first week and then just gets better. If you don't feel like cardio, lift weights...if you don't feel like weights, do cardio...and if you don't want to do either, ride your bike. I mean Arizona is beautiful!