Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Holidays are When?????

Miss Amberly (fresh out of the pool) with "Bob the Dead Bobble Head" as he has been named.

When I walk into a store and they have Christmas out in full force it makes me very angry.  Very angry is a nice word for how I really feel but I will not taint your reputation of me so I am writing very angry.  Seriously, Hobby Lobby and everyone else needs to hold off a bit.  It's August for crying out loud.  Well, it's not August anymore but when I went into Hobby Lobby a week ago it was still 117 degrees outside, the kids had just started school, was August! 

I will admit that seeing the Halloween decorations made me less mad because I needed some cute gifts for Bunko which I am hosting this month.  I have twelve Halloween witches, goblins, trees, hats, glittery skulls and owls sitting in my room on my chair and I have to smile each time I see them.  I'm not quite ready for Thanksgiving, our anniversary, the birthday saga, Christmas or New Years but...Halloween I can wrap my mind around.

How about you?  Whatcha thinking about all this holiday crap being jammed down our throats?  (oooops...some of my anger came out..please forgive me)

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