Friday, September 2, 2011

Insta Friday

I'm posting from the parent pick-up line with my phone.  So cool!  
I realized I wasn't very creative this week in my picture taking.  I vow to do better next week.

Picture #1
I saw this beautiful 36x36 painting and texted my brother to tell him he NEEDS this for his music room.  If I can't have it someone I know must! He has my dad's grand piano and this would be perfect!

Abby requested spaghetti for lunch...cold spaghetti.  What ever makes her happy.
This bento lunch box makes me happy-no smooshed lunch for my sweetie!

The girls found these cute masks and even though I am banning any thought of holidays just yet....
I still took a picture of my cuties.

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Michelle said...

Love the pictures. I am with you, I refuse to buy Halloween crafts and CHRISTMAS stuff before that holiday. They try to push customers to buy earlier and earlier.Those are some cute girls ya have! hope your feeling better.