Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top 10

Things I did this weekend:

1. I was sick...in bed...for 4 whole days.
2. I watched, Dear John, Dirty Dancing, Rumor Has It, How Do You Know, and Hello Dolly.  I think I'm caught up now for the next year and a half i the movie department.
3. I've ingested NyQuil, nose spray, Sudafed, EmergenC,  and there's a funny taste in my mouth that makes me not want to eat.
4. Searched for a good hour for those mantle pictures swearing to myself that I need to organize my photo's better.
5. Washed the dished by hand because I didn't want to unload the clean dishes.  Plus the warm soapy water felt good on my hands.
6.  Had dinner brought in from my dear sweet neighbor.  Such a blessing.
7.  Woke up yesterday deciding I was not going to be sick anymore and got ready for the day with hair and makeup done.  I was a tad bit loopy but I think I psyched my body into thinking it was better.
8.  Until I went to bed and hacked and coughed and snored all night long.  My poor honey-bun had to listen to me (so gross).
9.  Got up today and again told myself I wasn't going to be sick.  I am hosting Bunko at 8pm and who wants to be sick for a Girls Night Out? (or in my case a girls night in?)
10. Looking forward to a much healthier, happier, week ahead.  My girls have two projects due on Friday and Mama can't be sick anymore!

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*katie said...

Oh Cara, no fun! I hope yesterday was healthier and that you had a ton of fun with bunko!!