Monday, September 5, 2011

Mantle Decor

I'm a creature of comfort.  Once I get a room decorated the way I like I don't change it very often.  I do however love to decorate for each holiday so the mantle in our family room has become the spot of choice.  It's small yet can be seen from three rooms in our home and when you are standing at the front door you can get a peek of it as well.  Here are some of the past holidays I have done all in one post.  Enjoy!

August/September 2011- Back to School

July 2011- God Bless America

June 2011- Fathers Day
March 2011- St Patrick's Day

February 2011 - Valentine's Day
(I also have a BIG magnet board over my couch in my family room.  I decorate that each month with a printable download and some cute pictures of my kids.  I guess I didn't take a V-Day picture of my mantle so here's a picture of the board)
December 2010 - Christmas
November 2010- Thanksgiving
October - Halloween

I guess that's it for past mantle pictures.  I thought I had a lot more but I scrolled through everything I had and this is it.  I will post more as the seasons come.  I noticed that the newer mantle decorations are fuller and brighter and not only is the decorating better but the picture is as well.  Hmmmm....I guess I will have to make sure I stay on top of this project! 


Jenifer said...

I want a mantle. And I want you to decorate it for me. You have such a cute and fun house!

robin said...

so cute! i want a mantle.

and now i'm in the mood for christmas...

Webb Family said...

Love it all!
Bunko was wonderful & the food was a hit!