Thursday, October 13, 2011

12 On The 12th October

1. Our Halloween advent calendar
2. The pool cleaner from hell.  This thing has been giving me fits all summer.  If he keeps it up he will find himself sleeping with the fishes. (haha- I crack myself up)
3.  Miss Amberly insisted on making a Funfetti cake
4.  Self portrait of Moi
5.  London and Amberly doing flips on the trampoline.
6.  Tom double fisted......on both computers at once.  He's so talented.
7.  Our Halloween house on the mantle.
8.  Amberly and London - two peas in a pod.
9.  Cassidy woke up feeling sick.  She spent most of the morning on my bed watching T.V. She started feeling better late in the afternoon so I put her to work.  I'm a mean mom.
10. We had homemade Olive Garden Soup for dinner the night before.  I saw on Pinterest that if you freeze the leftover soup in muffin tins, pop them out and store in freezer bags you can have individual servings of soup whenever you want!  Put the frozen soup in a mug, microwave and Ta-Da!  Soup!  Brilliant!!
11.  Our limes are ready and so YUMMY!  However, I should have planned a little better and not put the tree so close to the pool.  Note-to-self.....limes plug up the pool sucker from hell and make my life miserable.
12. Went through some of my Mom's genealogy and found this book with my Grandpa's family tree dating back to 1680.  Pretty cool.  I'm not sure what to do with it....but cool none-the-less.

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amy gretchen said...

Hi Cara.

I'm so jealous of your old family book. What a priceless treasure.

I'm going to have to try your freezing soup idea. perfect for lunch.

kylee said...

i swear funfetti is always the best go-to cake mix.

Amy G. said...

Love the frozen soup idea!