Monday, October 17, 2011

Cousin Fun at Aunt Cara's

It's been ages since I have taken my kids to the park.  For's been too blasted hot out and kids would much rather swim.  I also think they are getting to big to enjoy the park (sad).

Saturday I watched a few of my nephews and Miss Abby while the other cousins went on a "big kid" adventure with Dad and Uncle Gary.  It was a perfect sunny day to head to the park.
These kids love to jump off the swings.  Do you remember doing that? 
I used to love to swing for hours at the park down the street from our house when I was little.

I brought my camera and the kids were getting a kick out of jumping off the swings 
and coming over to see their pictures.
They would then head back and try a different kick and land.  Hilarious!

 Do you love these two with no teeth?!

 We also did some pogo-jumping.....

 and sidewalk chalk drawing!

These little cuties were sure fun to have over and even though we are a girly-girl house 
we can host a bunch of handsome boys no problem and have a ton-o-fun!

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