Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Pirate Pictures

 Ashley over at Sunshine & Shade Photography really came through on these!  
How adorable are my Pirate Girls??!!

I picked up the costumes for a total of $13 at Good Will.  I went in and grabbed everything red, white and black and anything with stripes.  We had the shoes, belts and jewelry.  We had one hat the girls were fighting over so I bought an eye patch & sword at WalMart for $1 and told them one pirate could wear the hat and one could wear the eye patch.  Luckily that ended the fighting and both girls were happy with the hat/eye patch outcome.  I went to the Spirit Halloween store and bought both sets of tights for full price  
which killed me because the tights alone cost more than both sets of costumes!  

Yes.........these shoes actually fit Miss Amberly. 
Can you believe they make ladies shoes that fit a 7 year old?
These are her latest favorites.  She wears them constantly....
my little high heeled girl.

Ashley couldn't get Cassidy to smile and she couldn't get Abby not to smile
It was quite funny!

Ashley....Thank You, Thank You!  These will be a treasure for years to come!
Go check her out HERE for more info on pictures for your family♥

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onehm said...

Your girls are so cute- Abby ROCKED those heels!!!

I'm so glad that it worked out for you guys to come over and help me out. :)