Monday, October 3, 2011

Family is the Best

Last night we had a family party over here for my brother Matt.  It was his birthday and we went all out with strawberry shortcake and Just Dance on the Wii.  Yep, my brothers humored me and all four of us danced our hearts out.  Well, I danced my heart out..they went along with it.  They love me a lot because if you could have seen their faces you could tell that there is they would dance for just anyone♥  My cousin Amy came over too and her husband showed everyone up in the dance department.  I told them I see a Wii under their Christmas tree this year!

As the party got rolling it got hotter and hotter in here.  I thought I was having hot flashes and I locked the kids outside because the back door kept getting left open.  We kept turning the A/C down but it didn't help.  What a night for the A/C to go out.  Luckily we were able to sleep with the windows open and it wasn't too bad.  The guy is here now fixing us up.

I gave all my brothers this picture from our last family party.  I put the kids in age order and it's so fun to see the different heights.  My brother Kurt's kids are the shorties  (he will kill me if he knew I said that) who are also standing on their tip-toes.
Mine are the two girls in polka dots.  Love Abby's no teeth.  
I'm sure going to be sad when her teeth come in.

I love how these cousins are all so close in age, live close to each other and see one another often.  I grew up with no family around and it was always a dream of mine to have family everywhere for my kids.  And we do!  Both sides and plenty of cousins to romp around with.  My dream has come true and I'm so very grateful for that.


Lisa said...

Sounds like fun! That cousin picture is So great!

robin said...

i love seeing this picture! i want a sibling picture, too!