Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Translation......Missing In Action From The Blog.

First off let me start by saying "Where the heck did October go?"  Seriously, I posted those pictures of my Pirate Girls and BAM! It was November.  I must be loosing my mind because it slipped right on past me.

Today I will be doing an October Re-cap if I can even remember all that happened.

Cassidy Started a Cookie Dough Business.  She makes the cookie dough, freezes it into balls and then sells the frozen dough balls by the dozen.  She has worked very hard and done all of it by herself and is feeling very proud of herself.  I am too!  I one day she sold $85.00 worth of cookie dough.  Yes, I'm one proud mama.

Abby was not included in the cookie dough business which at first made her mad.  Then she came up with all sorts of different ideas on how she (a cute 7 year old) can make money too.  There was- cleaning houses, washing cars, having a garage sale.  We settled on her selling gumballs.  She bought a gumball machine and 850 gumballs and she will tell you exactly how much she will make if she sells all 850 gumballs. 

 I was at a photo shoot and Tom carved pumpkins with the girls.  
What a fun Dad they have!
And what a memory!  
I found out after Cassidy when to a party and carved pumpkins that 
She..had..never..carved..a..pumpkin!  Gasp! 
To give myself some credit.....we have "decorated" pumpkins....just not "carved" them.

At the very last minute, like 9pm on Cot. 30th I sent out e-mails about our annual Halloween party.  Hopefully no one was offended by my lateness but to be honest I wasn't feeling the Halloween Party Spirit and was going to bag it.  My Brother reminded me that you can't have an annual Halloween Party every year and skip a year so the party was on.  We had a nice turnout, my neighbors had a fire and chili, we had a movie and chili and everyone was happy.  Including me.  Thanks Kurt for the party nudge.  I didn't get one picture of the year I will be better I swear!

So that's the end of October in a nutshell.  Quick re-cap, the highlights.  It blew by so fast I'm not sure what else happened so we will end this post with a Happy Halloween!

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