Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Re-Cap

Thanksgiving was at my brother Matt's this year.  When it's at his house you can always count on an intense kickball game that includes every single member of our family, some crying from the little ones, sibling rivalry, and lot's of smiles and laughter.  Good times I tell ya!

I think this needs to be a yearly tradition where ever we meet. 
It is so fun to watch the kids but it's even MORE fun to see the adults get into playing kickball. 

I love that my SIL Cami is wearing her apron while playing.  
That's dedication on both kickball and cooking our turkey dinner!

Here's our three eight year olds.  Abby, Garrett and Caleb

Here's a picture of Matt's kids.  I was sneaky and took their picture for a frame I made Matt for Christmas.
We also had our 2nd annual Dukes of Hazard card game.  It's a hit I tell ya!'s a hit with my brothers and I.  We played this game for thousands of hours growing up.  
I don't think our spouses or kids have as much of a love for it as we do but we are trying to convert them.  We put The Dukes of Hazard song on repeat and do a single elimination and I tell you what - 
whether they know it or not memories are in the making.

These two cuties are the oldest at 13 and almost 12.  So glad they have eachother.
McKenna & Cassidy

On a different note.  Tom's family had their Thanksgiving at the church building this year.  We were not thrilled about this for a few reasons I will not mention because it was selfish of me.  We went to the church building later than we were supposed to because...truthfully we didn't want to go.  But...we were wrong.  It was FUN!  Everyone played games and had a blast and it wasn't bad at all.  We finally left about 8pm after a long but fun filled day spent with our family.  I guess it doesn't matter where or when Thanksgiving dinner is held as long as you spend it with the family that you love.

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