Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blogging For Me

As you have noticed, I made my blog private.  At first it was because I had gotten behind and I didn't have time to get caught up.  Then I was talking to a friend telling him how safe blogging was and he said he could find out all kinds of stuff out about us if he wanted and that blogging wasn't that safe.  Another thing was, I just didn't think people were reading what I was writing.  (I was wrong about no one reading....I feel so loved to have had so many of you ask to be invited!)

Blogging has changed over the years.  I'm not sure I like the new blogging where there are more ads and less "real stories."  I loved learning from my fellow bloggers and now I feel like all I'm learning is where to buy sponsored products.  Sad.  I will say that I do have a few friends that are still blogging the "old" way.  It's our way of chronicling our lives, capturing the day-to-day family moments and being able to keep up with friends and family in our busy lifestyles.  I also think Pinterest has changed the way people read blogs.  I love "How To" blogs, "Craft" blogs, and "Food" Blogs.  I can now get all that off of Pinterest in a fraction of the time.  Gosh I love Pinterest!

So for me, I blog to capture our story.  I hope to someday find the time to put each year I've blogged into books.  I have one down and many more to go.  It's my journal, diary, family history and life story.  Someday my grandkids will be reading this and thinking "Grandma was fun!"  Let's hope anyway♥

I hope those that do continue to read enjoy our story.  It might not be exciting, glamorous or worthy of your time but it's our story and I will continue to write about it so I can remember it when I'm old and gray.

Love, Cara

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.:me:. said...

Yes! I agree, I hate sponsored products and all that junk. I LOVE Pinterest though!! I love your blog Cara!! <3 (:

<3, Gillian at