Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chasing Balloons

I was out running errands and I saw one of the hot air balloons that fly around our part of town going towards our house.  These balloons seem to be out and about three times a week in our 'hood.  We haven't been able to see one land because we are always busy going somewhere and don't have time.  "This day was going to be different," I said to myself while coming home.  I got home, grabbed Abby and her friend Karlee that were playing in the water in the backyard (yes- swimsuits in Jan!) and took off for a balloon chase!  Oh the fun we had trying to determine which way to go and where it might land.  We followed it for about 30 min and at one point we parked in a CVS parking lot and was able to wave and say hi to the people in the basket because it flew right over us and only about 15 ft high!

It landed in a grocery store parking lot and the girls were so excited to be able to watch it land, then deflate, and then get put away.  I have to admit, I wouldn't mind going for a ride but I do not want the job of putting it away!  Man, that looked like a hard job!


I remember my Dad taking us on little adventures when I was young.

Hopefully these girls remember this and can pass on the tradition when they have kids.
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butterfliesinthegarden said...

Your Dad always took us on the best adventures. The last time I saw your Dad and Uncle Bud, Bud was teasing him about getting lost. I immediatly informed uncle Bud that uncle Donnie NEVER got lost, we just had lots of adventures. Really good times.