Sunday, January 29, 2012

Abby's Baptism Day

 We had a special program at the baptism.   Amberly got to pick the whole program.  The entire bishopric was there, all our friends and family came to support Amberly to make this a very special day.  I loved that we had so many of our family helping.  Sariah (cousin) played the violin prelude music, McKenna (cousin) played the piano for the eight year old cousin song of I Am A Child Of God (we have 6 cousins who are 8 or will be turning 8 all within a year!), Matt and Kurt (uncles) gave the talks on Baptism and the Holy Ghost.  Grandma Margie and Uncle Joey gave the prayers, Aunt Joni led the singing.  It was a family affair and I loved every single minute of it. It's always very emotional when we have these sweet baptisms because my parents aren't here.  But we know they are able to be with us on these very special days and can feel them near us.  We love them and miss them and are so thankful to know that we are a forever family♥

I can not believe my baby is eight!  She was just learning to crawl yesterday!  Time goes by way to fast.  We were so proud of Amberly choosing to get baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  She was beaming with excitement and could not keep that darling smile off her sweet face.

 Here we are as a family.  Cassidy is pretty proud that she only has 1 1/2 inches until she is as tall as I am.  I had to wear my heels so I would at least be as tall as she was on this day. 
 I somehow lucked out and was offered a sub in the shape of an eight!  I went in and was ordering some party subs and the girl at the counter heard it was for a baptism and said, "we can make the sandwich into the shape on an eight!"  Oh boy you better believe I jumped on that one!  How awesome is this four foot "8" sandwich?!

Amberly got her very own scriptures with her name on them, a special baptism towel
and a CD with songs to help her remember this very special day.  
Thank you family and friends who came and helped and loved us on Amberly's baptism day.  
We ♥ you!


butterfliesinthegarden said...


Gillian has informed me that my post to your blog will only have "butterfliesinthegarden" and not my actual name. So I thought it might make more sense if you knew that it was your cousin Valerie McDonald Davis.

Love to all

Clarissa Emily said...

Where did they make the "8" sandwich? It looks like a Ned's Crazy Sub? My son will be baptized in August and this would be perfect!!! I found you via Lolly Jane. You have have a lovely blog and I am your newest follower! :)