Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Begining

I am so excited about 2012.  I see a bright future for our family, new ideas to put into place and new places to see and do.  Something about the start of a new year makes me very motivated.  I love all the web has to offer to help fulfill my goals and wishes.  Here's a few I have found so far that I'm excited about:

The most amazingly delicious pizza I have ever tasted.....ever!  (Thanks Amy) Pioneer Woman's Fig-Prosciutto Pizza with Arugula.  I tell you what- this will change your life.  Make it and then invite me over.  Make a BIG batch of the crust because the crust is like no other.  Then make a boring old cheese pizza for the family while you enjoy this pizza.  It has everything - sweet, salty, creamy, crunchy -it's a party in your mouth! An I am a HUGE fan of a party in my mouth.

Iheart Organizing - Project Gallery (thanks Ashley)
There is a very detailed list of anything and everything you might need to organize.  I chose to organize my photo's and spent 2 1/2 hours the other night getting the pictures on my computer in tip top shape.  My bum went numb but it was worth it for sure.  I found pictures in some very random places and many duplicates but have no fear, everything is right in the world now and I am able to sleep at night (wink)   This site is going to keep me busy for months and I'm excited about it.

I am on a HUGE green smoothie kick over here.  I have been sneaking all kinds of weird veggies in my family's smoothies and guess what...............they still drink it!!!!  As long as that green smoothie turns pink at the end of the blending process they have agreed to partake.  Take a look at some of my smoothie pins on my pinterest board HERE.

What are some fun things you are doing for the new year?

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