Monday, March 19, 2012

I Survived Spring Break

It wasn't hard to survive spring break.  My girls are perfect (mostly).  We had a stay-cation and it turned out great.  Tom set up a tent in the backyard and the girls moved in.  Literally.  They were quite comfy out there.  I thought this would last a day or two but lasted all week!  We had cousins, friends and neighbors come over and enjoy that tent.  I think there was a different set of girls sleeping out there each night.  It was definitely a spring break the girls will remember!  I have to admit, the yard was trashed but I was a happy camper because my house stayed clean!  Hmmm we may have to do this every vacation. 

We found a new jumping place.  It was awesome.  Cassidy did 10 back-flips in a row.    We also hit Skateland and the movies.  Not all in one day of course.  I also realized that buying 13 bagels and a tub of cream cheese at Einsteins Bagels is cheaper than buying 3 bagels toasted with a smear.  I will be doing that from now on.  Sheesh!

All in all it was a fantastic spring break.  There wasn't an ocean or sand between my toes but that's coming.  It has to be coming or I'm going to go crazy!

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Mardi said...

That is awesome! Spring break is in a couple of weeks for us. Maybe we need to pitch a tent in the back yard too. Sounds like a prefect vacation. Where is this new jump place? Might have to visit it this summer. I think we will be coming the first part of June. Summer is already stacking up with things and that is about the only time we have 2 weeks to get away....