Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Top 7 Tuesday

Things I've made on Pinterest:

Wendy's has a version and I will admit to going there often if I'm out and don't have time to eat.  The homemade version is better and I add craisins and blue cheese and spinnach because it's oh-so-good.  I can live without the bacon but if I have it I'll use it.  Sprouts has the candies pecans in a HUGE bin that I splurge on but it's good with whole raw walnuts too - or both! It's a goodie - make it tomorrow for lunch.

Friday is pizza night at our house.  We have a neighborhood joint that we love but when it comes down to it - homemade is best.  I went to a pizza class a few weeks ago and learned some great tips and tricks.  Things like, you have to have a pizza stone and good yeast.  I also bought some pizza seasoning that is out-of-this-world.  I'm serious...it makes pizza sauce so good you will want to drink it.  I did but don't tell anyone.
I saw this idea for pizza rolls from gunny sack on Pinterest and thought I'd try it. 
They are awesome.  I made a regular pizza then used the remaining dough to make these.  They were perfect for lunches the next day dipped in that yummy sauce!  It's great because you can custom make them for each person.  I made some with cheese and pineapple for Abby and some with extra peperoni for Cass.  I added bell peppers and olives for mine.  These will be a do-over for sure.

This has been so handy.  Who ever thought of this I love you.  Who ever pinned this needs to learn how to pin since they didn't do it right.  Anyway, I now keep a dry erase marker on my dryer and I write down reminders of what's in the wash.  Things like-  check stain on white shirt, don't dry gray sweater etc.  Then I don't have to worry about forgetting and shrink or ruin my clothes!  Brilliant♥

Homemade Dishwasher Soap

I ran out of dishwasher soap and had not been to the store.  The dishes were piling up and I thought, 
1) I make my own laundry soap I'm sure I can make my own dishwasher soap.  
2) I'm sure pinterest has some tried and true recipes.  
And guess what.....they did!
There were several to choose from.  I just went to my Pinterest page, chose the everything category and typed in dishwasher soap.  I had many to choose from.  I chose the one that had easy ingredients I had on hand.  I had citric acid in the form of LemiShine.
 I love LemiShine because it keeps the hard water from building up in my washer.  
I have used this recipe twice already and am very happy with it.  I will make a big batch and keep using it instead of the expensive Cascade.


I'm drinking these bad boys twice a day and loving it.  I was making them pink or purple but to be honest I ran out of berries so the smoothies have been green all week.  I've been calling them my shamrock shake and the kids are even loving them!  If you go HERE you can see my smoothie page with lots of different recipes.  Enjoy♥


I want to do this to the girls bathroom.
They need shelves to hold personal items and an endless amount of toilet paper.
Who knew two little girls could go through so much TP? 

our best bites

The little  leprechaun came to out house.
He died the toilet water green and brought the girls lucky charms, candy and these rainbow treats.
He's so clever! (wink)

Well, that's it for now.  I know it is supposed to be top 10 Tuesday but I've only made 7 things lately.
This is a judge free zone right?

Thanks Pinterest and all the bloggers/crafty people for the great ideas!


Sarah said...

I just love all these ideas! Its funny about the TP...I just had a guy here to give me an estimate on remodeling our upstairs bathroom...I said, "I want a toilet that doesn't clog ever!" And he said, "I have one for you...my wife does childcare in our home, and let me tell you-there is NOTHING like a bunch of little girls using the bathroom all day-they just fill that thing up with paper every time and the toilet I have it so incredible it has never clogged!" Just had to laugh at the girls/toilet paper thing...it's true! :)

Lisa said...

FUN! I'm going to try pizza rolls they look easy. We do homemade pizza here too. "Build your own" is always a hit. Pretty funny that kids will eat the exact same thing they turn their nose up to - IF they toss it on the pizza themselves! I think it is so cute that you make your own soap. I wonder if the marker trick helps men when they switch the loads - THAT would be amazing ;)