Friday, April 6, 2012

Club Project

We had club project at my house and guess what we did?
My poor patio furniture had lost all it's luster so we spray painted them and made them better than new!

What a difference a few cans of spray paint can make!
I pressure washed them to see if I could just wash off that grey oxidation but nope, it just made it worse.
So I headed over to Home Depot and picked up this:
Rust-oleum Hammered - Dark Bronze.
It's a miracle worker - I swear to you!

Better than new furniture. 
Now....when you see old gross furniture out on big-trash-pick-up or at a garage sale. 
Grab it!  Look what it can become!

We used just a couple of cans (wink)
(we also painted a mirror so some of those cans were for that)

An look who was helping us all day long - Flower the pretty kitty♥
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AZ Smurfette said...

They really look Awesome, Brand New!!
ohhh flower :)