Monday, June 11, 2012

100 Things

Now that I'm feeling better I have cabin fever.  Do you get like that?  After you have been sick - in bed- all you want to do is get up and get back to normal?  That's me.  I need normal....right now.

So this morning I was catching up on some blogs (haven't done that in a while) and saw that Crystal B is doing a 100 things challenge.  Get rid of 100 things that is.  I love it.  I'm always trying to clean this house out.  I do best when it's a little at a time.  This is perfect.  In fact I wont even count the four bags of junk sitting in my office ready to go to Good Will.  I'm going to start in the girls bathroom.  It's a scary mess under their sink.  Scary I tell ya.  How many lotions and headbands do two girls need?  I'll do a post update.  To be honest, I think the cupboards under my sink need to be cleaned out too.  I think after that I will do the laundry room.  It has to have the door closed at all times because that is where all the junk goes that doesn't have a home.

So are you up for the challenge? Go Read Crystal, she's funny.  I like her and wish she was my neighbor.  I know we would be good friends.

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