Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sick of Being Sick

I've been sick.  Like really sick.  Like go to urgent care, specialists and more doctors trying to find out what is wrong with me.  I've been covered in hives for over a month.  Tired, grouchy, and not fun to be around.  They come and go but mostly they come and stay.  It's so frustrating to not feel good and not have an answer.  It's even more frustrating to go to doctors who have no idea how to fix it so they give you medicine to "cover up" the systems.

My thyroid has been too high then too low and I thought maybe that was it.  I looked at everything possible as a trigger: food, drinks, soaps, lotions, sun, I was going mad.  Nothing was helping.  I had an appoint for my Naturalpathic Doc today and thankfully she knew what was wrong.  I love her.  I've said this many times and I'll say it again, I love her.  Love, love, love♥  She said it was a virus.  She has had three patients with the same thing over the past six months.  It's the same family of virus' as the shingles I had a few months ago.  Great.  So I may get them again in the future just like shingles.  The bad news is that the hives last 6-8 weeks.  The good news is that I've already had the hives for 4-6 weeks.  It will be over soon.  Just knowing what is wrong with me makes me feel better.  I'm not crazy!  Whew.  Well, I'm a little crazy but normal is boring - wink.

My Dr. gave me a vitamin B-12 shot and a tincture to boost my immune system and help fight the virus off.  I headed off to get more blood work to check a few more things and hopefully I will be good to go.  The B-12 has already made me happier and given me a boost of energy.  I may need to get these more often!

Here's the deal.  Listen to your body.  You are they only one who truly knows what is going on in there.  If something isn't right find someone who can figure it out.  It could be the medical route like when I had thyroid cancer and my arthritis or it could be the natural route for hormones, balance and overall health.  I am a big believer in both.  My health needs both the traditional medical and the natural medicines to feel my best.  Thankfully I'm on the road to feeling my best......again.

It's Sunday,  I came home on Friday and went to bed.  The B-12 shot gave me a little more energy and the tincture Dr. Jessie made is disgusting but seems to be helping.  I put oils on my feet - DoTerra On Guard  which helps fight off infections and Balance which helps balance everything out.  I woke up on Saturday to NO HIVES!  They came back a little later in the day but it was a welcome relief.  I kept the oils on my feet and Sunday - NO HIVES!  Hopefully my immune system is finally getting a handle on this and kicking those hives to the curb!


Mardi said...

Did you use the On Guard while you were broke out in the hives the last 4-6 weeks or was Saturday your first time using them? Just curious....

Lolly Jane said...

Cara! I tried DoTerra oils this week for the 1st time and loved it (mastitis- aaah!)

Hope those hives clear right up! Thinking of you!

PS: Love the botox ;) lol

Katie said...

Im glad you're feeling better! I was one of the other patients with the virus and hives like that--it was no fun! I see dr Jessie to for all my health issues, she is seriously the best!!