Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A sneak peek into our Summer Trip

We went on a little vay-cay to see Tom's brothers family in Missouri.  21 long hours in the car people.  21.  It wasn't my favorite but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be either.  Untill I can get the camera out and upload some real photo's I'm posting some instagram photo's for ya.  If you aren't on instagram...what's stopping you?  It's so fun and fast and I think it just might take over Face Book and Blogging all together.  But that's my opinion.

We  stopped in New Mexica because the Hubs had a meeting to go to.  So we headed over to my Aunt's work to surprise her.  And boy was she surprised.  It made her day and mine to see her so happy.  Plus the girls got to ring a church bell and who wouldn't love that. (More on that later)

My BIl lives on a 600+ acre farm in Missouri.  It's quite the kid play land.  He has horses, a pond with a zip line, lightning bugs, a creek and so much more.  My girls were in heaven and didn't want to leave.  If it hadn't been so darn hot I wouldn't have wanted to either. 

 It was soybeans as far as the eye could see.  Beautiful!  There's something so peaceful about the country.

We went on long walks with Grandma and the cousins.  We hunted for lightning bugs (saw my first lightning bug - firefly ever!)  The kids caught frogs.

These are fireworks we set off in the backyard.  It's legal there to light any ol' fireworks you want.  And we did.  Big huge, fun, loud fireworks right over the pond.  Talk about fun!  We even got some of those lanterns they light in the movie Tangled and lit those too.  They were so pretty!

I have a post I want to do on these forgotten barns and houses.  It's so sad to see then forgotten and unloved.  It made me want to rescue every old, run down, house and barn I saw.  Good thing I don't have any money because I would have saved this barn for sure.

Until I get caught up on my laundry and house cleaning that's it for now.  What have you been up to this summer?

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Lisa said...

600 acres! Holy soy beans! I forgot they had that much land. What a fun trip! I want to ring AK's church bell too :)