Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Trip #1

We hadn't planned on going anywhere this summer. 
 Pool time and summer movies was the only thing on our agenda.  
The closer it got to the 4th of July the more we wanted to get out of the hot desert air and go somewhere cool and with a parade.  We didn't see either but we did have a great time!

Cousin Mischa age 5

We went on long walks down country roads, had long talks with friends of old.  
Grandma came and played games for hours.  It was a heat wave, so glad we had power! 

We loved being away from real life.  The country is so peaceful and quiet.  
These pictures are all on Tom's brothers farm.  What a beautiful place to live♥

I love the history of the Midwest.  Everything in Arizona is new, new, new.   
I love that too.  
But there is something about seeing these old buildings and barns that have been around for 
100+ years that melt my heart.

The favorite thing from our trip was swimming in the pond out back.  
My kids loved it and I loved watching them.

Other things we did:

 We went through Oklahoma which Cassidy was thrilled about - since she was born there.

 My Dad's mothers maiden name was Hooker.  
I had to take a picture of this as we went through Kansas for two reasons: Why? And Why?

 We stopped in OZ in Liberal KS.  
They have Dorthy's house, a museum and if you blink as you are driving through the town you'll miss it. 
 (It's a very, very small town)

We met a biker guy named Jingles at a gas station and he gave Tom this bobcat hat.  
Yes,  Tom can make friends anywhere!


We played socks with Grandma and the cousins.  
She does "socks" so no little hands get hit with 'spoons".

We also, watched fireworks, lit fireworks, BBQ'd, went to dinner with friends, stayed up way too late, melted in the humility, went swimming in ponds and pools, antique shopped, grocery shopped, went to an Amish auction, ate ice cream, organized, and overall had a lot of fun.

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Robert Lord said...

America the beautiful really come shinning through in your vacation pics thanks Cara love the history in those old buildings and the warmth of the landscape scenery