Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Vacation #2

 Amberly jumping for joy to be in the ocean.

This summer we tried something new.  Maybe not new to other people but, very new to us.  Camping. We've only been on one overnighter as a family and it rained.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't the best either.  This year we wanted to try camping at the beach.  We had heard for years how fun it was and I was desperate to get to the beach this summer so I signed us up.  Yes, me.  The non-camper signed us up.
And guess what?  We LOVED it with a capitol L!  Seriously one of the best vacations we've done.  in fact we were already planning our next camping adventure as we were driving home from this one.

 This girl (Miss Cassidy) would not get out of the water.  
She was in it from sun up to sun down.  I kid you not people.  
She was in heaven.
 I sat next to this handsome guy everyday.  We shared an umbrella and had matching beach chairs. 
 We brought a picnic to the beach everyday with snacks, drinks and lunch. 
 We didn't move from our post.  It was wonderful!

 Amberly didn't love boogie boarding as much as her sister but she spent her fair share of time in the water. 

 I didn't get in because it was too darn cold! 
 But I did get my feet wet, chased the waves, went for long walks, gathered smooth flat stones and shells, took a long nap, got really really tan and filled my heart with being at the beach.

 Amberly has the best Daddy.  He took her out in the water and didn't come in for hours. 
 Just him and her.

More beach pictures to come and a big thanks to our friends that made the trip so much fun!

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