Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chick Inn - Our Chicken Coop

Our chicken coop is all done!  The chicks are in and loving their new home. 
The steps can be moved to either the inside of the coop or the outside (as seen here).  
Chickens are so funny, as soon as the sun starts setting, in they go.  
They go right upstairs and go to bed.  
Easiest animals we have ever had.

 This is Dolly. 
 We have five Ameraucana's and one Barred Rock.
The B&W one is named Dot.
I couldn't tell the Ameraucana's apart so we named them all Dolly.
 I'm all about easy.

I had a little contest on Instagram to name the Coop.
I mean, if my house has a name then why not the coop?
Boy howdy were there some great names!

Here are a few:
Un Peu Mignonne (cute & little)
Gardenview Coop
Maison Poulailler
The Breakfast Club (this was the 2nd place winner)
Meet the Flockers (3rd place winner)
Little Deuce Coop
Hen pen
Fowl Territory
Chick Filet
Clubhouse - Chicks only
Little Red Hen House
Coop D Vil
Sunny Side Up Shack
Omelet Oasis
Over Easy Hotel
Chicks Rule
Les Coop
Les Edibles
Les Poulailler

And the winner is......

Now to have a cute little sign made and it will be perfect!


Anonymous said...

I love it so much and I love that you names it too!!
Love, Brooke

Marnie Wickstrom said...

Do you have pics of the inside on top? This is very lovely