Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Chickens & a How to Make a Chicken Feeder

If you think raising chickens is going to be a piece of cake.....think again.
I thought it would be a walk in the park- get a cute coop, feed them, water them, no big deal.
However, high maintenance isn't necessarily a bad thing. 
Chickens are actually very fun.  
They each have a personality and we tend to get sucked outside for hours just watching them.
They are hilarious cheap entertainment. 
Man alive are they fun to watch.

I have found that I love to be outside working in the garden, watching the chickens and finding new ways to improve "Chick-Inn".  Our newest addition is the chickens feeder made out of PVC pipe.  Home Depot  and I have become very close friends these past few weeks while I make improvements to the yard and coop.

How to Make a Chicken Feeder:

All we did is buy one piece of 4" PVC and a PVC elbow.  We cut them to size and fit the two 4" pieces in between the elbow piece.  I have to admit that I didn't come up with this idea.  There are a lot of great ideas on Pinterest and YouTube to help you out.  We then added a cap to the top so water couldn't get in, cut out some holes with my husbands rotozip and tada!  Chicken feeder!
 I of course had to paint it red to match the steps and door. 

We let the chickens out early in the morning for about an hour and then again about 3pm.  (after school)
Chickens are easy in the fact that they do put them selves to bed.  At dusk they automatically march right into the coop and up the steps to their roost.  They snuggle in tight and go to sleep.  More pics to come of that phenomenon.

 Here is the feeder being put to good use by one of "the Dolly's". 
When planning a location for the feeder make sure it is away from sprinklers or that it might get rained on.  If the food gets wet it will turn into a rock and the chicks won't eat it.  Plus it might spoil and you don't want chickens eating rotten food.

**Update** We did end up cutting the PVC feeder so it only has two feeding holes.  There wasn't enough gravity to push the food all the way down the length of the pipe.  It is working much better now that it is shorter.**

Dot, our Barred Rock might be the Queen of the Coop.  We are watching her to make sure she doesn't turn into a meanie.  She's the only Barred Rock so it could be a possibility.  She has the softest feathers out of all of them and loves to be held and carried around by the kids.  I think chickens are like any type of pet or even a garden.  "You Have to Pay Attention" for them to survive.  Feed, water, protect and you should be just fine.♥

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