Monday, July 22, 2013

My House Obsession History

Did you know I am house obsessed?
I have been for as long as I can remember.
My Mom had this friend - Jenny Doan (who is now pretty famous I might add)
who had this house....sigh.
This house was amazing.  Like dream-a-little-dream amazing.
It wasn't in the perfect shape, it was out all by it's self on a lonely old highway, and it had a leaky upstairs claw foot bathtub that made water marks on the kitchen ceiling down below it.
I fell in love with that house.
I can still recall every nook and cranny.  Every secret little room hidden inside every closet.
I remember the built in white cabinets that held the china and was also a look through to the dining room.
My favorite was the servants ramp that went up from the kitchen to the second floor.  It was a ramp, like add a flattened cardboard box and you can slide down it kinda ramp.  Uh, yeah, we did that....a lot.
It had a very large grand mahogany staircase too.  But that wasn't near as fun.
I think it had seven bedrooms and only one bathroom on the second floor.  That's how they did it back then.
This dreamy house also had a very large laundry shoot that maybe, possibly, some children slid down instead of laundry.  Not me of course!  I would never do that.  (my three brothers may have though)

I would babysit kids while my Mom and Jenny went and played.  I think I had just as much fun playing as the Mom's did.  Talk about the best hide-and-go-seek house ever!
I remember it had huge eucalyptus trees that surrounded the property.  Every time I smell eucalyptus it brings me back to that house.  

Jenny's house was a cross between these two houses below.  
Dreamy huh?

I think the obsession was fueled by where I grew up.  
I mean I did have this house two blocks from my house, 
walking by it everyday on my way to school:

And the house in a town filled with houses just like it was not far away:

Oh and my favorite place...ever:

It seems I was destined to be a house lover. My Mom was and I have taught my girls to be. We love to drive around different neighborhoods to look at the houses and pretty landscaping.  It's a little harder here in Arizona.  We live in the land of cookie cutter homes and desert plants galore but sometimes, I find a gem here and there.  It makes my day!

Here are a few sites I like to look at when I need a little house obsession fix.

Dwelling Gawker
Hooked on Houses
My new favorite - Tales from Carmel - up close and personal tours of houses in Carmel Ca.
My favorite little neighborhood that I can't get enough of - Agritopia
I even like this little blog - Tiny House Blog - because you never know when you may need to build a tiny house somewhere.  And man!  Can they fit a lot into a teeny tiny space.
The Lettered Cottage - has great ideas on adding charm to your house.


Jenny said...

Cara, I loved that...what a bunch of memories came to my mind! That was such a great house!!! Ron would ride that ramp in a plastic baby bath tub!! He would even spray armor-all on the bottom...oh yes he did ! I loved the window seat in the family room...ahhhhhhhhh!
Thanks for the memories!

robin said...

oh cara, this post made my heart beat faster! i, too, am house obsessed. seriously, my happy place is driving around looking at houses. i think you and i would be VERY good companions.

i remember the doan's house! i have some spotty memories of it, i was pretty young, but they are still very much in my mind. i remember that ramp! and the laundry chute! and it was during an overnight stay there that i saw michael jackson's thriller video for the very first time, and i was SCARED the rest of the night! i mean, that house could be scary! i still think about that house when i drive that stretch of highway to castroville when i'm home... it's sad that it's no longer there.

the carmel blog is so beautiful! thanks for introducing me to it. and why are you and i stuck in such cookie-cutter places! we both belong on a cottage-filled, tree-lined street somewhere in california... pacific grove perhaps? that's my dream. (well, and carmel, of course. duh.)