Thursday, July 18, 2013

TBT - Planting a Memory Tree

A few years ago my Uncle wanted to plant a new orange tree in his yard.  
He thought it would be fun for the grand-kids/grand-nieces &grand-nephews 
to plant it in honor of my Grandma and my Mother.  
Plus, any excuse to get together is a good one.

So we all met at his house, my cousins and brothers, my Aunt and Uncle and all our kids.  
Aren't they a good looking bunch?  The girls outnumber the boys in this group.

Sara Jane

 Garrett and Abby - two peas in a pod

 Uncle Pete dug a hole then we shared memories of Grandma Betty and Aunt Barbara (my Mom)

Everyone brough something to put in the hole.
Little notes, rose petals from a special rose bush, little girl trinkets and i guess a sugar cookie went in there!  (I don't remember that.) Good thing we have pictures to spark a memory.

The tree being planted.  All the kids got to help.  
This is a fun idea to do every time you plant a tree.

It makes that tree have memories from the very start of it's life.
Every time we go to my Aunt & Uncles house we smile and know that tree is filled with love and sugar. (literally)

I brought a Dr. Pepper because we all know that was my mom's favorite. 
 We all toasted and drank Dr. Pepper at her funeral.
It was only fitting to add a bottle to the tree.
Plus, plants like caffeine and high fructose corn syrup....don't they?

Thank You Uncle Pete for thinking of this fun memory making activity.
And good luck little tree!  
We love you already.

TBT = Throw Back Thursday 
Pictures and Memories from Feb. 2010

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Grandma T. said...

We were all so young. Pete could even kneel down to help plant. That ain't happenin' in 2013! Thanks for the re-post. xxoo