Friday, March 23, 2007

The Five Senses

I have had a sinus infection for two weeks. Not fun. What I have come away from this experience is that when you can't taste or smell life is really boring. Food is unappealing. The world is strange place without the sense of smell. The orange trees are in bloom here (my favorite time of year) and I could only imagine what the wonderful smell was recalling from my past memory.
I have a new found respect for my Grandmother and Tom's Father. Neither of them have had the sense of taste or smell since they were young. What a deprived life they have had. It really makes me thankful for all my five senses.

One thing I noticed as I was getting my sniffer back a little at a time, was as I would walk by something like an orange tree or someone with perfume on was how strong that smell was. Normally it would be mixed in with all the other smells that bombard your senses, but if it's only one smell at a time, oh what a rich experience! I think we are so overtaken with different
smells all the time that we can't appreciate each one individually.

Taste, that's a whole different concept. When you are eating a meal and don't have the pleasure of taste your brain can only focus on texture. I can see now how some people have issues with texture. I have never focused on that aspect of a meal. Food has so many different textures and some of them are not good. I also had no appetite for anything. Food became a chore. Eating wasn't fun. I love to eat out and that wasn't fun either.

I am feeling better now. Not 100% but I can smell and taste. I am taking it all in, one smell at a time enjoying it more than I ever had. I highly recommend thinking about each smell you take in, hopefully it will make life a little brighter. It has for me!

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Brooke said...

I'm glad your feeling better, I had fun today!