Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm back baby!

I'm behind. Way behind. I'm sick. Way sick. I finally went to the Dr. on Monday and then took both girls back to the Dr. today. We are all sick. How is that possible? Last week was spring break. We were outside in the beautiful sunshine and fresh air getting our daily dose of vitamin D and then some. How did we get sick? I don't understand it and it should be banned that anyone get sick if it's in the 90's outside and you get to go swimming in March! Whatever!!

Spring break.......We didn't go out of town, but had lots of fun the whole week. I have to say being a kid sure is endless fun! I don't remember ever having my Mom entertain me for a whole week straight. By Saturday I was tired and sick. Too much playing will do that to you. My kids had a blast and you can see the pictures here. Check back in a few days because most of the pictures I took aren't on there yet. (I said I was behind and I am- I'm also on 3 different medications that make me a little loopy)

I have to say that even though spring break wore me out, it was fun spending time with my girls. I love watching them explore the world, seeing things for the first time, smiling, laughing and getting kissed by the sun. They both have new freckles on their noses and it's the cutest thing!

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Brooke said...

Yes! I'm so glad you are back, I have missed you! I had fun last night.