Monday, March 12, 2007

the hang out house

the kids selling lemonade next door.
Abby and Garrett making a purchase.
I have always wanted kids on my street to play with. (I have mentioned this before). My whole life there weren't any kids for us to play with. Cassidy's whole life there has been no kids in site.

That has all changed!! Kids, kids everywhere! I see this as a blessing and a curse. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful, utterly grateful for these children who have become part of our daily life. There are just pro's and con's to having a street full of kids.


1. my kids play outside ALL day getting their maxium dose of vitamin D

2. my kids have lots of friends just outside the front door.

3. It's nice to hear them playing and laughing

4. The bigger kids keep an eye on the little kids

5. our house seems to be the "hang-out house"

6. our tree in the front yard has been dubbed "the giving tree" there are always kids hanging from it, climbing it, and sitting under it.

7. I don't see my kids because they are busy playing.

1. I don't see my kids because they are playing. (I miss them pecking me)

2. the trash that accumulates in our front yard from snacks etc.

3. Cassidy likes to feed the entire neighborhood snacks and drinks. I went through a whole case of juicy juice and sunny D in one weekend. I want her to be a good hostess but come on....

4. I feel like I have to always have one ear on the front lawn which makes me have to sit in the office or outside most of the day.

5. having to be the mediator. I want to be the fun Mom, not the mean Mom.

Today Cassidy woke up at 6:30, got dressed, ate breakfast and wanted to go out and play by 7:05am. We were all asleep of course. When she woke me up I told her no, it's too early and I'm not getting up to make sure someone doesn't take her. I went back to sleep and she went in on the couch and fell asleep. At 8:30 she came back in and asked if she could go outside. I told her no one will be out yet. This is her response: "But Mom, if I go out everyone will come out. They wait for me!" I thought this was cute even if it sounded a little boastful. Sure enough by the time I was out of the shower there were about 5 kids on our front lawn with their beach towels, drinks and snacks. So far we have gotten in the pool (yes the kids are crazy! the pool is FREEZING!) had a water fight on the trampoline, watched a movie, rode bikes, sun bathed on the lawn, played cops and robbers (yes, this is still a popular game, I'm amazed!) and at the moment they are having a lemonade stand with lemonade, an assortment of candy, and oatmeal cookies. I'm afraid the fun wont stop until dark. Isn't this sounding like the best day? It's all I dreamed about when I was younger. These kids don't know how lucky they are.

Did you have lots of kids in your neighborhood growing up?

What are some of your best memories?

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Brooke said...

My house growing up was the hang out even when we got older. It was so much fun! I also have the pros and cons of having all the kids at my house but I love it! I remember living on our bikes we went everywhere. Sad that kids can't do that anymore,not very safe!