Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring Break

I don't remember having spring break growing up. Maybe because we had a full three months of summer instead of only two months here in AZ. This week has been a fun one for me and the kids. I wasn't planning on doing anything. That was my goal. Letting the kids play, taking it day-by-day. No trips, no commitments just relaxation and fun. So far this has worked out except for the relaxation part.

Tuesday we decided to go to Tuscon to see Joey and Joni. My brothers were going to a Diamondback spring training game, so the wives and kids (of my brothers)went to see the new house and go to a museum. Their new house is awesome and they love being there. We had a great lunch of yummy Mexican food. I loved the restaurant because they had a salsa bar and a chip bar! How cool is that? I think that should be a standard. No waiting for someone to bring the chips and refills on the salsa! Loved it!!

No museum because of time, but we had lots fun at the park. Tuscon is very "desert" no landscaping alongside the roads, no one has grass - anywhere, and no street lights lining the roads. We will have to go back soon so I can go see more of the city. I hear it's pretty neat.

Yesterday (Wednesday) Mindy, Monica and I took the kids to Freestone Park with their bikes and blades. We had a picnic under a shade tree next to the pond. I was surprised how long we stayed. It was the perfect temperature in the shade with the nice spring breeze. Abby must have gone around that pond 10+ times. Her little legs going as fast as humanly possible on her barbie big wheel. She probably rode that bike a total of 4 miles at least!!!! Cassidy of course found the tallest pine tree possible and climbed all the way to the top! The crazy girl. The boys laid on the train tracks waiting for the train to run them over, and had fun rolling down the huge hill. After the park we went to Bahama Bucks for a cold yummy treat. Why don't they have a store by us?? We need one close for summer!

When we got home, Bree came over to spend the night and all the kids played outside until dark. So far so good. I hope Cassidy will remember this week and think her Mom is the best for providing all this fun. (Cassidy and Bree just went by the office with their sleeping bags, I wonder what they are up to........?)

Well, I best be off to start another fun fill day. We are going to another fun park in Scottsdale with all the cousins and sis-in-laws on Tom's side. I'm tired all ready and it's only 7:30am! Help me!

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