Saturday, June 23, 2007

Put Your Snow Clothes On!

What do you do when the temperature is 108°F outside?
Well today we made it a snow day!

We went ice skating, which was the 1st time for Cassidy, Abby and myself. Tom surprised us all with his amazing talents on the ice! I had no idea he was so good. 12 years of marriage and I'm still learning things about him. Cassidy is so good at roller blading that she had no problems switching over to ice. By the end she was skating backwards and even doing little tricks. She loved it! I'm sure we will be back. (downside-the skates were awful! I'll be in search of used skates at Good Will for next time, plus Tom did biff it and now his knee is the size of a grapefruit!)

After ice skating we went to Bahama Bucks. The best shaved ice on the planet! I had strawberry colada/pink lemonade, Tom had super sour watermelon/strawberry, Cassidy and Abby both had blue coconut. It was so yum! Half way through we had to go outside and eat it because we were so cold. And boy was that a nice change from being hot!

The rest of the day has just been lazy. Matt came over for a little while and the girls have been watching movies. Tom is on a Deadliest Catch Marathon (1st time watching this show) and I'm bored. So here I am blogging and that is fine by me. I'm not quite sure what dinner will be but I probably should go and figure that out. So for now I'm off. It's been a great Saturday!
(BTW you can check out the rest of the photos here on smugmug)

How was your Saturday?
Were you HOT of COLD?
Are you a fan of ice skating?


Lindsey said...

I got to ice skating at Rockfeller Center with my mom and sisters in Oct. We had girls trip to NY. I am a horrible ice skater (i mean hand on the railing, knees buckled type of skater). By the end we legs were killing me but it was fun!!

Lizzy said...

Behama bucks is my most favorite place in the world. Chris knows that i will change moods like that if he brings me home one :)
What a fun day you had. i worked all day and Chris and London played-we later went swimming, but ice skating sounds like fun-we use to go in DC all the time. i once had a really bad date ice sKating, man it was bad!

Crazymamaof6 said...

i have never ice skated! and i am not sure i want to, i don't like to roller blade. and i don't love to be cold. Bahama bucks sounds delightful! I always get cranberry! Yummy!

Webb Family said...

I have not ice skated in along time but I do think it is lots of fun! Reilly and I use to roller blade all the time. And, Bahama Bucks reminds me of high school there use to be one on Mill and we use to love to go there, yummy!! Thats where I met David Spade he's tiny!

onehm said...

What a great "date" with your family! And a great idea when it's soooo hot...

Susan said...

What a great idea for some cool summer fun! I love to ice skate, I should do that with the grandkids. Your family is always doing something fun, loved your pictures too, cute family!