Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday's Top Ten.......Tools

10. Electric Jar Opener. (yes, I'm sure you have made fun of them when you saw them in the stores, but since my 8 year old is stronger than me I need this product!)

9. My cordless phone. I only have one and when it's lost I really hate talking on the phone. I have two reg. phones, but who wants to talk on those?

8. My dishwasher. It's nothing fancy but with Cascade Complete I don't even have to rinse before loading. I hate washing dishes!

7. Scissors. I use them for everything! Opening cereal bags, snacks, cutting herbs, flowers, meat, paper.....you name it I cut it! I love the Ikea scissors 3 for $1.50. Or something like that!

6. My Pampered Chef dish scrubber. It has a lifetime warranty, the brush never gets gross and if it's looking a little dirty? Throw it in the dish washer and BAM! Brand new again!

5. My Chi flat iron for my hair! I love this thing. I can't live without it! Worth every one of Tom's pennies.

4. My kitchen aid mixer. I must use it 3-5 times a week for something. I love to bake so this comes in handy. It was my 1st Mothers Day present and I loved it!

3. Asics 2110. They are the best shoes on the planet. My feet crave them. I have been wearing them a lot lately because of my poor cracked heels. I haven't even minded - they are that good! ( I don't know if they count as a tool, but my feet sure love the help they give)

2. The T.V. in my bedroom. It's nothing fancy but I love watching a show before bed. It helps me unwind and relax. Most of my shows are recorded in there and the kids shows are recorded out in the family room.

1. My car. It's been so fun having a bigger car (that's not too big) that holds everyone and everything. I just love it! It's easy to get in and out of, it's sporty yet stylish, it's safe, it's paid for and the warranty that it came with it has fixed everything so far that breaks. I love it!


Crazymamaof6 said...

love your list! the TV in the bed room is great! ok i've had a kitchen aid since we got married and just got it out for the 2nd time, it was still in the original box! 10 years!

onehm said...

Love it! I have a bosch and while I don't use it as often as you do, I do love it too!

Lindsey said...

great list. i am with you with watching a show before bed, it really helps you relax.

Lizzy said...

I am with you on the Kitchen aid mixer and the Chi Flat iron. I think i need the dish scrubber :)Love the list!

Webb Family said...

I do love your cute car it fits you so well! And, how nice that it's payed for!! I loved your list and after reading yours I forgot how much I love my Chi and kitchen brush too!!