Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Top Ten Tuesday

What are the top ten ways that
you know your kids are all YOU?!

1. Cassidy has had anxiety up until this year just like I did when I was a kid. I have felt her pain many times.
2. Abby loves to clean and organize. We both do it for fun!
3. My kids love to bake. They have always been right there beside me in the kitchen loving every moment. I have many pictures of me with my Mom baking away. My mom has pictures of her and my Grandma baking too.....priceless!
4. Both my girls would rather be outside than in - but only when it's warm. Otherwise we are inside girls all the way.
5. Cassidy has a learning disability which I'm sure I have but no one new about back then. She struggles with the same things I did in school. Again, I'm feeling her pain.
6. Abby's favorite color is pink. And she is all girl! She's very fru-fru. Hmmmm sound familiar?
7. All three of us LOVE to have our backs rubbed before we go to sleep. Poor Daddy!
8. Abby LOVES chocolate. Can't get enough and would eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner. My Mom had this addiction and so do I!
9. Cassidy can't go to sleep if there is something going on. i.e. a party, Mom & Dad watching a movie, people over, basically anything. To this day I can be dead tired but can't go to bed if there is something going on. I'm the last to leave book club, Enrichment night, family events what will I miss???? She also is a night owl who loves to sleep in...just like me!
10. Last but not least I know these girls are mine because they were sent from Heaven when all hope was lost and have made my life complete each and every day!


Crazymamaof6 said...

so sweet! love all of em!

Lizzy said...

Love it!

Webb Family said...

I love your list!! I'm like you about the party thing, I hate leaving to early I feel like I will miss out.

onehm said...

Wonderful and so sweet! And the pics of you and your girls, you and your mom and your mom and her mom would be soooo cute framed in your kitchen! Wish I had pics like that...

Lindsey said...

Great list! I am still working on mine.

Shanna said...

I love your guts girl! Miss ya!

Jennifer said...

Then I say they are SO lucky and destined for greatness! (I found your blog from Lisa's blog!) Isn't it fun! you're awesome Cara!

Jen Brinkerhoff (Mine is jabrink.blogspot.com)