Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sick Saturday

Today our little Amberly has been sick. Poor thing. She is never sick. She had a fever last night and most of today. She has had a runny nose and has just laid around. This is so not like her. She's usually on the go! Her nickname is GUSTO because she has such a high energy level and does everything fast! Not today, she's been very cuddly and sweet. Sometimes being sick isn't so bad if I can get a lot of snuggles!

One of her funny moments today was this:

We were driving home and out of the blue she says:
"Mom, what's going on with these snots in here?"
I guess her stuffy nose was bugging her a little bit. What do you think?
BTW - How is it possible to get sick all of a sudden - BAM! - like that, and have it be over 100 degrees outside???? Don't you think the germs would go somewhere else in the summer?

Love those little funnies!


Lizzy said...

That was me last week.Poor thing, it stinks! i never got sick with colds until i moved here. It always just hits me out of the blue as well. Have to love the snuggles though!

onehm said...

Hope she's feeling better. No fun to be sick (or have sick kids!)...

Lisa Huber said...

Cara - I do like your new look. I want a more custom design for my page as well. I would love the instructions on how to do this. Sometimes my brain hurts bc I am trying to learn so many new things at once. Becoming a photographer has turned into a full time job!

Webb Family said...

That is a great benefit about sick kiddos- lots of extra snuggling!! I hope Abby starts feeling better soon.

Tiffany said...

Okay, that's so cute what she said.. those little 3 year old comments are priceless, aren't they?! I love your new design... you did a great job choosing everything!