Sunday, September 30, 2007

Insightful Sunday

I have learned a few things this weekend:

1. Don't make cookies for your husbands home teaching families with food storage butter.
It's not the same as regular butter even though it says cream and salt on the label. Probably because it comes in a can. Have no fear though I did work my baking magic by adding oatmeal, coconut, cinnamon, nutmeg and extra vanilla to my standard recipe. They turned out fine and I think I like the new twist. However, I will be using regular butter in the future and save the food storage butter for the famine.

2. Tuesday Morning is NOT cheaper or better than TJ MAXX.
We went shopping for some new luggage yesterday and went to Tuesday Morning because I thought they had "great prices". They did and we bought. Later that night we stopped at TJ MAXX to look for something else and found that we could get three pieces of luggage cheaper than Tuesday Morning's two piece set we had bought. In fact, we ran over to Target to see if there was anything for Cassidy and bought her a four piece set still saving money! Future note to self...........check TJ MAXX first!!! Now I have some returning to do at Tuesday Morning!

3. Get to church early the week of the primary program.
We got to church 20 min. early (this is a new record for us BTW) and we still had to scour the Chapel for a seat. We did get one and had a great view of little Amberly and her smiley face. Cassidy was in between the piano and the organ so we could only see her when she stood up. Every time she looked at us she would try not to smile. It was pretty funny! She couldn't help herself so we did get a few smiles out of her. Amberly was just as cute as ever and sang all her songs with her beaming sparkly eyes and super grin! I loved it and felt very cheese-a-ly proud.

4. Sometimes....thinking of yourself IS o.k.
I am sad, sad, sad that I didn't get to to to the Junque Fair in Mesa. Tom had been out of town and I felt like I should stay home and be with him. I can't tell you how much I wanted to go. I just knew I would find some priceless treasure plus it's in my favorite neighborhood! But, I put my selfishness aside and stayed home. (he did not know of my inner desire) Next thing I know Tom if off playing golf. So.....lesson learned, if you want something very, very bad do it anyway because you deserve it and there is always time later to be with the honey!

I'm sure there are more things I learned this weekend but my brain is fried after a very long Sunday. So for now, I'm off to lounge in my cozy bed and read a book or watch a show. Dish Network has a free movie weekend going on so I have a lot of movies recorded and we'll see if there is anything I'm in the mood to see.


Jenifer said...

I am looking forward to the next Junque Fair. We will definitly go next time! And even though it IS okay to think of ourselves, it sure isn't easy!

Jennifer said...

What's the junque fair? Gotta know!

our ward was the same way w/ primary program... looked like stake conference!

Lori said...

I, too, am wondering what the "Junque Fair" is? And your a good women to make those treats for the families. I'm excited to see you tomorrow!! I always love hanging out with you. :)

Melody said...

I was so suprised too at how early everyone went to the primary program. I figured get there 10 minutes early(typically we're 2 minutes late) and we'd have our pick of seats--boy was I wrong! Hopefully, next year people don't start camping out the night before :) Wonderful though that everyone is so enthusiatic about it.

Crazymamaof6 said...

love your post! i personally love Tuesday morning but know that sometimes there are better deals to be had. Huge bummer. sometimes you have to just buy it and stop shopping. it happens to all of us!
so cute about the sparkly eyes and the secret smiles! at least there was no nose picking or waving. we have had that once or twice,the waving, not nose picking. horrible! way to go, getting a treat made for home teaching families, i'm sure they gobbled it up anyway. and huge bummer you are so sad about the junque fair. there is always next time. it is fully ok to me a little selfish when it is a one time deal too. it's not like you were wanting to go to target. next time I'll remind you to do something for yourself! it is ok to be selfish sometimes! i am all the time and it is ok too.

lindsey said...

good to know. junque fair was awesome. sorry about the cookies

THE Bridesmaid said...

You are seriously the bloq Queen. No joke, and I should know.

Webb Family said...

I love your new fall background! Is Abby going by Amberly now? and I can't believe how big she is getting. I missed the fair too because I felt guilty cause I have Bunko this week & going out of town & I'm gone a lot! We have got to stop thinking about all the great stuff we missed out on! TJMAXX has always been one of my favorites!!! Are you still on for Bunko tomorrow night?