Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Photography 101

I have the camera, my new love.
I am seriously in love with my camera.
I don't like it to leave my side.
I have Photoshop Elements.
Love that too.
Now I just need to know how to put them both together
so I can make really cool shots like:
So there you have it.
The thorn in my side.
I need some knowledge people.
Where do I get the knowledge???


sara said...

Kendra McClure is an amazing photographer...she once did a class for the young women when I was serving in there...she has great tips and I learned a ton...you can't tell by my blog though...but if I were you I would contact her...she is always more than willing to help and talk about a passion of hers!

Erin said...

When you find out let me know. I want to take cool pictures too.

onehm said...

One thing that i am seeing that is the same in all these pictures is the vibrant colors...you get those with actions. and you need the full photoshop version to use them. Call me and we'll talk!!

Jennifer said...

LUCKY! I am so stinkin' jealous! I want a nice camera so bad!! I think you just get out there and do it. Serious. BUT Scrapbooks ETC has a great class with Allison Tyler Jones. Also, a friend of mine may be doing classes. She's pro and awesome. I'll email her for you. (Go practice with Amy and John for the shower)

AND! So sorry to interrupt your FHE last night. I had SOOOOOO much fun talking to you!

Crystal Star said...

Cara- I'm no expert, but a try photogropher hobbist! A good tip I've found, if you don't use the full Photoshop software (SOOoooo expensive)and can adjust curves and so other things I don't even understand, is to up the "CONTRAST". That gives you some really bright grass, really blues in the eyes, etc. See if it works for you. Black and white is a whole different thing. I play with the light and contrast adjustments all the time. I also play with my color balance if I want it a "warmer" picture or a "cooler" feel. The main thing that I love is that with digital you can practice practice practice. Oh and save your orignal seperate so you can play digitally with other copies. ENJOY!