Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Tradition #11

O.K. I'm almost done with my Holiday Traditions. When I started posting these I realized that we have quite a few traditions around here. Most of them are ones that everyone does and there are a few oddities that I think just just family does - who knows. I have had a lot of fun writing about each tradition and sharing my memories. It's good to write things down I have come to realize. The older I get the less I remember so I've got to write 'em down while I can!
Tradition #11 is Christmas Pillow Cases
Growing up my Mom made us each a Christmas pillow case when we were young. We looked forward to putting that on our pillows each year. A few years ago My Mom was having a hard time thinking of a gift to give to each of us. I suggested the Christmas pillowcases since we didn't have them for our own little families. She went CRAZY!! I mean, SEWING CRAZY! I think just my little family (Cassidy was still in her crib) got 8-10 sets of Christmas pillowcases. She also threw in some Kwanzaa and Hanuka pillowcases too (not sure why?). We are definitely set for Christmas. Good think too since we have six pillows on our bed that need cases! Ü


Erin said...

I think I am going to have to copy all of your traditions, they are so fun!

Crazymamaof6 said...

way cute tradition! love that she did Hanukkah and Kwanzaa too! fun to remember her by. i might need to start this one. so you get it for Christmas? and use it for how long? after christmas? or before? i need more detail! ;)

Crystal Star said...

The pillow cases are a tradition here from my mom as well. And she also did Halloween, Thanksgiving, Sept- school... etc, so we change them every month (well, usually).. FUN!

Anonymous said...

Just a random blog hopper! Love the blog! I just wanted to say, my mom did Christmas pillow cases too! I had totally forgotten about them! Even embrodiered our names on them! Little things they do that we sometimes forget!!